Date of birth 6 january numerology in malayalam

Know Your Lucky Colour It is interesting to note that colors have such a tremendous impact on our life that everybody gets inspired to know about origin of colors, special benefits of VIBGYOR rays of sun, history of color therapy , their spiritual and Yogik associations like chakra color significance and healing attributes.

Violet Brijal color : Cool , cures tuberculosis and symbolysis diversity.

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Indigo Dark Blue : Cures fever and brings peace as it is cool. Blue Sky Blue : It is also cool and it cures fever and symbolysis hope. Green: It symbolisis intellect, prosperity, freshness, enthusiusm, vigour and coolness.


Yellow: Symbolisis glory , intellect ,self control and public wellfare. Orange: It symbolisis imunity and sprituals ambitions.

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  • It heals body heat, cough and mental diseases. Red: It is symbol of fealing of lough.

    Arun Bansal Exp years. Free Kundli Matching Kundli Matching is one of the best parts Free Numerology Free Numerology is page long Horoscope The life of all us remains dependent Bollywood Know what the future has in store for Top Articles What is Libra like when in love? Ahoi Ashtami Venus Transit in Libra- 4th October All good things occurring would be hard-earned. This effect will be felt in politics too.

    In the face of severe adversities, hard work will produce good results. While making numerological predictions for the year, the numbers constituting also need to be considered. You will obtain suitable education, spouse, job or house as per your age. If you were born on the first, 10th, 19th or 28th of a month and are under the sun phase, progress will be seen in life depending on the dedication you show. However, care has to be exercised to take matters with equanimity and not to make a problem worse.

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    Otherwise, there may be cause for remorse or overcome by grief you may not carry out your responsibilities. Extra care has to be adopted regarding issues related to foreign affairs. If born on 3, 12, 21 or 30, in Jupiter phase or having lucky birth numbers, your situation can improve at lightning speed if Jupiter is strong. However, if Jupiter is weak, you may have to face difficult days.

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    If this thought is put into action, progress can be witnessed. In case 5, 14 and 23 are your birth dates, or are in the phase of Mercury, never forget your responsibilities. There was a well-known leader who set apart his life for the good of the world. Is that because it was such a bad thing?

    12222 is a lucky year, if you are born on any of these dates

    People born on January 6 are devoted to family and may play the role of benefactor. Because they likely lacked material comforts as a child, they enjoy the good life once they start making a living.

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    They make delightful if somewhat indulgent parents. They want their children to have everything they didn't have. People born on this date are not particularly energetic. They enjoy sports, but a workout regimen is often too much. Because they have a weakness for sweets, they need to guard against diabetes and other disorders. Holistic healing can be a source of spiritual and emotional wellness. January 6 people have a great love of the arts. Because they have an analytical streak, they do well in the business-related activities surrounding artistic professions.