Buffalo year astrology

Oxen are honest and earnest. They are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. Rarely losing your temper, they think logically and make great leaders.

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Men born in the Ox year are reliable and trustworthy. They put their entire heart into everything they do. They feel great responsibility towards their family as well. They hold your children to high expectations, even though it might be unrealistic. Women born in the Ox year are calm and gentle. They will never surrender to fate and rarely think of choosing an alternative. This no doubt leads to a life of struggles. But no matter what, they will walk down the road they choose until the end. Despite this stubbornness, they think and react quickly.

They have complementing personalities and hold the same goals in life. Snake and Rooster fit Ox nicely as well. Not only will Snakes give warmth and romance, they offer help and support in work too. The Earthly Branches of Goat and Ox clash strongly. Horses have a free and wild spirit, and may not have a serious attitude toward life. Oxen often group family and work together. They look for long-term and steady work. Because of this, they are studious in school and perform well in every subject.

This helps build a strong support for any future career path. Because of their low-key personality, a stable job is the best for Oxen.

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Their strong sense of responsibility also makes them the perfect candidate for professional and stressful jobs. These include doctors, lawyers, businessmen and teachers. No matter what career they choose, it must something they are really interested in. Though they may be okay with any job that fits their skills, they should take the time to find something they love.

Only in a stable environment that matches their passions, are they able to find their true calling. Like the wild oxen that run freely in the fields, people of the Ox year are healthy and fit. Hospital visits are rare, but this sometimes leads to overconfidence. Neglect during youth will result in problems in the later years. As workaholics, Oxen will sometimes go days with minimal food and rest, then binge on both.

Irregular diets will lead to indigestion and problems with the digestive system. Once they reach the middle ages, there is high risk of heart disease.

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Strokes are another risk. In addition, they commonly suffer from joint pain. Most of these issues stem from irregular exercise. For a healthy life, they need to remember to take breaks from work, stretch and relax. A better year is on the horizon for the Ox. The compatibility of the Rat and the Ox will make for a year filled with blessings and advances. What a year it will be for your career, education, and health!

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Lucky you. On the other hand, relationships will need a little extra love and care. Communication will be critical for the year; do your best to be diligent and maintain open channels. Even if it is a struggle, you can do it with the help of regular conversations, speech classes, or therapy. Hard work towards any goal will do the job. Although the Year of the Pig proved to be lacking for the Ox, this year will make up the difference.

The Rat is on your side for ! Already known for their honesty and perseverance, the Ox can expect extra praise in the form of promotions and compliments. Your best character traits will be visible to all, and your hard work will finally pay off. Revel in the knowledge that everything you have been working towards will come to fruition. With success on the horizon, you even have the opportunity to start something new.

Set up an online store, a small pop-up restaurant, or a company with an old coworker. Go big or go home, as they say! Be mindful of colleagues, however, as misfortune might come your way in the form of a male coworker. Even though you value honesty and reliability, others may not. Choose your friends wisely, and your work friends even more so. With the benefits of the Rat and your general demeanor, no one will be able to stop you!

Dedication, hard work, and logic will be your three pillars to focus on throughout your education. Invest yourself in your studies. Set yourself up in the library, study groups, and lecture halls. If you are worried about your ability to think and talk clearly, grab a dictionary or conversational book and get to it. If you are feeling bold, you could even enlist in a speech class to elevate your rhetoric.

As one of the healthiest zodiacs, Oxen can expect a great year with regards to well-being. Strong and sturdy, they will be able to endure any minor ailments and the stresses of work life. Although you might want to avoid the doctor for the year because of your healthy outlook, keep in mind that regular checkups are necessary for preventing any unwanted maladies. Something could be hiding just beneath the surface; get yourself checked out annually to be sure.

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Take special care to maintain a routine eating schedule. When you put in overtime at work, it affects your mealtimes. Your digestive health is just as important as the rest! To thrive in relationships this year, Oxen will need to put in the effort to communicate clearly. As communication is not a strong characteristic of Oxen, any means to boost your abilities will be beneficial.

Both single and married Oxen will need to work through this slight rough patch. Listen to your partner, invest in their daily experiences, really take note of what they are trying to tell you. If you can get your partner to notice that you genuinely want to be with them, it will pay dividends. Working through hard times together as a loving couple often leads to a healthier, stronger relationship.

There is no way for the Ox natives to focus on ambitious long-term plans professionally, but they can maintain themselves afloat due to their practical sense, which is characteristic to their personality, due to their perseverance and their willingness to collaborate with the people around them. Thanks to the good understanding between the Pig and the Ox, the latter seems to have the possibility of laying the foundation of a new love relationship, standing under the sign of an intense mutual attraction, a relationship facilitated by a happy interaction in the social circle.

The natives who are already involved in a love relationship will have the chance to consolidate it, to deepen it, which could eventually lead to marriage. The married natives might get blessed with the birth of a long-awaited child. The Ox natives are compatible with the Snake and the Rooster. They are going to have a great relationship both in love and in business. They complete each other wonderfully on all levels. The Ox zodiac sign is not compatible with the Goat.

It can be placed in the living room, southward, for harmony in the family life.

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For the single natives, it is also recommended to use this remedy, which ensures finding a loyal and loving life partner. Although in the Earth Pig New Year of the Ox natives seem to have an iron health, it is necessary to supervise their predisposition of being caught in the trap of depression or some extreme emotional reactions and to make periodic medical checkups. It is also necessary to pay attention especially to affections related to their respiratory system, throat, and stomach.

Towards the end of , nothing important to report health-wise provided that the Rat natives control their tendency to overeat. It would be best if they keep a diet starting from the beginning of the new Chinese year, and this effort will ensure a better shape.