Are pisces pisces compatibility

You usually need a stable bubble of emotion. But most time you will scare of having to burst this bubbles while forming a physical relationship. When you both begin a physical relationship, you both will find it hard to cope with each other. You will be very cautious of your choice of activity. This is because you do not want to serve as a turnoff to your lover. Apart from this, your relationship often has a way of inhibiting the emotion in the relationship. You both will be a little bit unrealistic with your expectations and always scared of being let down. The planet ruler for your personality is the combination of Jupiter and Neptune.

Thus, you have a double portion of this two planets. The double part of these two planets is the reason why you are who you are. It is the case that you have a philosophical outlook as regards to things. On the other hand, Neptune is in charge of your relationship with people. It is also in charge of your creativity and your imagination. You are someone that is capable of overcoming problems easily. This is as a result of your excellent imaginative power.

Are Pisces and Pisces soulmates?

If there is another thing that you know how to do, it is the ability to think broad and reason philosophically. The bringing together of Pisces sun sign will make it a relationship of creativity. No doubt, your children will be as creative as you are. It means that water rules you both and it is the main reason why you are too emotional.

Apart from this, you are known for adaptability. There is nowhere you cannot adapt your interest and intention to. Also, you are good at making your relationship better through a better understanding of your lover. Pisces and Pisces in love will be dangerous with the way they relate to each other just like the fish. Apart from this, you could find it very easy to swim to different angles simultaneously. You also need a mutual and a focused mind to relate to your lover. Learn how to be devoted and caring for you to succeed in this relationship.

This relationship is a relationship between love and understanding.

Pisces and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

It is also a relationship of excellent understanding and goodwill. This is close to a hundred percent. This means you both will have a good relationship together. Despite the fact that you will have a good relationship together, the conflict could come up. Pisces and Pisces compatibility relationship will crash as a result of trust issue.

Pisces and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Although you will find it difficult to relate to each other, you both will be emotional with the relationship and will enjoy yourself better. In fact, each of you will inspire and always inspire other to grow well. This match will be a relationship of everlasting love. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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Can love as much as possible!

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility

Hates insults. Loves compliments!

Pisces and Pisces – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Appreciative and returns kindness. The best in bed out of the other 11 months!! Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Observant and assesses others. I am February 25 his is the 27…. He is a hard working man and i am an hardworking women and we always have a plan. We are both very organized and neat. And this makes our relationship that much better. I have also noticed that we are both very insecure and we have to reassure each other on a daily basis which is no problem for me….

We are both givers…we will give the shirt off our back…. I think Pisces women and man are a match made in heaven…. Me and my pisces man birthdays are one day apart in february. We known each other for 8 years now but we have been havin a rocky realtionship for a few months. More and more each day we learn how much we have in common its frustating at times because it feels as if we know what the other person is feeling or thinking.

We both have short tempers and because of our emotions we tend to be very scarcastic towards one another. But on the flip side no one understands us like we understand each other. We can lay up under each other all day and talk about everything under the sun, we can tell each other all our secrets and never have to worry about being judged or percieved in a diffrent way by the other. It feels good to neva have to tell ur significant other when somethings wrong because he already knows what the promblem is and how to fix it.

Our goods out beat the bad and the bond between a pisces man and pisces women can be the best realtionship ever known the understanding is whats going to get you through the hard times and make u realize how it feels to have a partner just like you. I am dating a Pisces Man. It is as you stated here. His birthday is March 5th and my birthday is March 10th. The side of him that I see and as in my other Pisces friends is a strong desire to please and unselfishly give of themselves. This man is devoted, attentive, caring, affectionate, compassionate, generous, spiritual, dedicated to serving others.

He listens and acts on things I say I want, need or want to do … he makes it happens. The small pleasures of life that are romantic he does without being asked. If there is something I need him to make an adjustment about he easily does. He does not mind suggestions. I will say he is sensitive, can be moody and stuborn. He is a pleaser and wants to please not some times but ALL of the time … believes in total satisfaction!!!! The draw back … he is too clingy! He suffocates me!

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  • Pisces - Pisces Love Compatibility.
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